Liquid Craft’s Dragon And Bourbon NFTs Launching November 23

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Liquid Craft is set to launch their first liquor-backed NFT release titled Dragons and Bourbon for presale on November 20th at 12 PM PST, with the full public launch going live on Nov 23rd at 12 PM PST. 

The first of many releases from Liquid Craft is a preliminary step on their road to a full marketplace release, with an aim of bridging the gap between traditional liquor investments and the world of blockchain. The marketplace will provide a platform for investors of collectible liquors to trade one-of-a-kind batches with the simplicity of trading NFTs, while also providing a platform for crafters to showcase their products to a new international audience.

The Dragons and Bourbon NFT Series – Limited Edition Liquor Backed NFTs

The initial launch of many liquor tied NFTs from the Liquid Craft team, is utilizing a handcrafted, cask strength bourbon, created by The Heart Distillery – a team of international, award-winning distillers that have perfected the distilling craft and have provided the project with a one of a kind batch of premium cask strength bourbon. The bourbon was crafted skillfully with homegrown and locally sourced ingredients, creating a batch that is unavailable anywhere else.

Two Tiers Released with Airdrops for all Buyers

The Liquid Craft NFTs are being launched on both the Ethereum and also on the Binance Smart Chain, with a very limited run. Due to the limited nature of the small-batch bourbon, there will only be 1500 total NFTs minted, divided into two tiers. 750 for Ethereum and 750 for Binance. 

For buyers of the first edition NFT release from Liquid Craft, there will be eligibility for airdrops of the native token $CRAFT. The amounts per NFT slightly vary depending on the NFT tier purchased but will be available for every buyer. Owners of the series will also be eligible for exclusive discounts, events, and instant entry to future promotions and giveaways.

Liquid Craft – Merging Two Very Separate Investment Markets

NFTs, as well as the world of liquor investing, have both experienced an explosion in price over recent years. Collectible liquors have seen increases of over 500% for collectible bottles over the last 10 years and show no sign of slowing down. Liquor collectors generally trade physical bottles like most physical assets, through the use of brokers and auction houses, something that NFTs can drastically reduce and simplify.

NFTs have the ability to be traded freely without the concern for intermediaries, shipping, handling, and storage, which when combined with physical assets, provide a much-needed service.

The NFT can be traded an endless number of times and the physical bottle never has to leave the safety of the verified crafter. Any eventual owner can, at any point, decide to redeem their NFT for the physical product (harvest), which will initiate a handover process and remove the NFT from circulation.

NFTs Assisting Smaller Crafters the World Over

The liquor industry, especially smaller breweries, distillers, and wineries that rely on tourism, have taken on the record lows in international travel over the last 18 months with little alternative. Liquid Crafts’ upcoming marketplace provides the ability to take advantage of the now 10 billion dollar NFT boom by providing crafters an alternative option. The upcoming marketplace will enable crafters to create their own NFTs, backed by their very own products. 

Nov 20th Presale – November 23rd Public Sale

The presale for the Dragons and Bourbon NFTs will take place on Nov 20th at 12 PM PST, with the public sale beginning on Nov 23rd at 12 PM PST. The lead-up to the launch will see Liquid Craft with their new partners to the project, Coinpresso – a leading crypto advertising agency, undertaking a large marketing drive. 

Liquid Crafts’ team has numerous AMAs with influential cryptocurrency channels and groups, as well as promotions across their social media pages. All will have Dragons and Bourbon NFTs and whitelist positions up for grabs for eager participants. 

Information for Liquid Crafts’ upcoming Dragons and Bourbon NFT series, promotions, and future releases, will be posted on their official social media pages and channels. Liquid Craft is bringing innovation to two separate industries with this upcoming NFT series, a move that will benefit investors of NFTs, collectible liquors, and the crafter of fine liquors.

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