Codi Finance Announces The Listing Of Its Native Token $CODI

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CODI recently announced the completion of its IEO, and now it’s ecstatic to announce the listing of $CODI on the CEX P2PB2B.IO which is one of the top exchanges in the world for USD 0.065 on the 15th of January 2022.

The P2PB2B crypto exchange is a high-level trading platform that utilizes a processing speed and it’s among the top exchanges in the world with a trading volume of $1.16 billion. It’s no surprise that it is ranked at number 55, which makes it the most ideal launchpad for CODI to reach the finance world.

CODI is a fully decentralized ecosystem powered by Solana Blockchain,  It improves the user’s understanding of cryptocurrency trading by using a user-friendly interface and a diversity of features. CODI will create a DEX platform that will allow users to transfer funds between wallets, trade, stake, ensure market liquidity and fully power the network’s capabilities. In the coming months, CODI intends to launch a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol that provides an appealing staking pool with various sorts of Staking-Tiers, which ensures better conditions and a higher APY.

CODI recently integrated with chainlink to provide the platform with access to high-quality price feeds, with the staking pools remaining secure and unchanged. Chainlink will help the CODI ecosystem build multi-layered securities against potential system failures and attacks, this integration is a massive boost to the growth of CODI Finance. Chainlink is very important for evolving blockchain connections because it offers very high convenience.

Details About CEX Listing

Ticker: CODI

Token Type: SPL

Token price: USD 0.065

Max supply: 330 000 000

CODI is a profitable project as evidenced by its success over the past few months which makes it a very interesting project on the solana ecosystem, to get more information on this project please visit or you can join the community by following their social media channels below: 




CEO Arvydas Kublickas

Email address: [email protected]