Terra and Polkadot Remain Stable, Bitgert is the only Crypto to Grow Bullish


April 30, 2022

The Bitgert coin performance is projected to be one of the best in 2022.

The performance of almost the cryptocurrency market in 2022 has been bearish. A majority of the major cryptocurrencies have been plummeting, with most of the top 10 coins still trading below the 1st January price. Polkadot is one of the cryptocurrencies that has been plummeting for 2022.

The Terra coin has made some good gains in 2022 to be one of the few top 10 crypto coins trading above their 2022 opening price. However, both Terra and Polkadot have not been producing the same growth as Bitgert (BRISE). In fact, they have been more stable in their price growth when Bitgert has been bullish. Read more about why Terra and Polkadot will remain stable while Bitgert will be bullish:



The Bitgert coin performance is projected to be one of the best in 2022. The Bitgert price has been skyrocketing non-stop this year, where the Bitgert coin even reached a new ATH. But the most exciting thing has been the consistency the Bitgert coin has shown in its bullish performance. Every big move the Bitgert team is making has made the coin bullish.

The current bullish condition has been driven by the KuCoin listing, which is still the biggest news in the industry. The KuCoin listing has put the Bitgert coin on a higher pedestal than all the competing coins yet to list on a big tier-1 exchange. But the roadmap V2 is the major factor that will keep Bitgert bullish in 2022. The BRC20 blockchain mass adoption is making Bitgert bullish.



The Polkadot coin’s performance in the market might not be bullish like Bitgert, but it is one of the cryptocurrencies that might maintain a very stable price. This is because Polkadot has a powerful ecosystem it is building, with the Polkadot blockchain being one of the major products. In fact, the blockchain is one of the reasons Polkadot is doing well in the industry.

The Polkadot blockchain uses special chains, Parachain, to create one of the interoperable and scalable chains in the market. However, the speed of the Polkadot blockchain is very slow compared to the Bitgert chain. However, the fast-growing ecosystem will help keep the Polkadot price stable. Therefore, Polkadot DOT is one of the cryptocurrencies that will be posting some good gains but might not skyrocket like Bitgert.



Has the Terra project reached the saturation level? Well, this is one of the questions that will greatly determine the performance of the Terra coin this year. When compared to Bitgert, Terra might be approaching the saturation level. This is based on the project’s age and the development the Terra team has delivered so far. Important to note is that Terra is already in the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies.

The chances of the Terra team coming up with new developments that will skyrocket the coin is very slim. This is because the Terra project has delivered so much in its development, with most of the major products already built. However, the Terra coin demand is still rising, which is one of the factors that will keep the coin stable while Bitgert will be skyrocketing.


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