SafeMoon and Ryan Arriaga’s Opposed Views: Did He Resign or Terminated?

  • Ryan Arriaga has left Safemoon, following his resignation highlighted via his Twitter account. 
  • He was terminated for breach of ethics and companies’ policy and privacy regulations, opposed the CEO, John Karony.
  • The ex-employee would now seek separate legal advice.

Following the instance of the Global Head of Products publicly tendering his resignation via Twitter last week, Ryan Arriaga has left Safemoon. 

What are the Opposed Views of The Entities?

Responding to this, John Karony, the CEO of Safemoon, instantly opposed Arriaga’s side of the story. Karony highlighted that he was terminated for violating ethics and companies’ policy and privacy regulations. 

During Arriaga’s nine-month tenure as the company’s global head of products, Safemoon rolled out various product lines, including the Safemoon wallet. However, it had some technical issues and was delivered a bit later than promised. 

Ryan Arriaga expressed his optimistic views about safemoon but also highlighted his frustration with the company and its direction. 

He further highlighted that he decided to leave Safemoon and would be wrapping up closing duties to pursue other exciting opportunities that would allow him to be a true leader in DeFi and fully steer a ship with full control that he believes will change the space.  

He also publicly thanked Karony for providing him with the opportunity to work with Safemoon, which he addresses as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But even after the gratitude expressed by Ryan, Karony highlighted his views, responding to him in a way that was not so praising. 

Karony signified via Discord that they were working internally to address the issues they were facing with Ryan’s inability to comply with the company’s policy and procedures. However, he is reminded of Ryan’s recent review of both privacy and ethics. And that the violation has led to a decision to terminate his employment. 

Even though for a short duration of employment, Arriaga became an essential part of the company. He made videos under the name fud hound, Arriaga debunked criticisms on Safemoon.

And the manner in which Arriaga defended the cryptocurrencies was somewhat aggressive and led him to engage with the community of Safemoon called the Safemoon Army. And he soon started to work on the company’s new products and services. 

Following The Fud Hound’s departure from the firm, Karony announced the appointment of several new members to the team. One of them is the owner of cyber security company Aegis Systems, Lynn Spraggs, who is appointed as the director of cryptography. 

Whereas the CTO of Aegis Systems, Robert Spraggs, joins as the director of technology, furthermore the new team also includes Jake Hammock, who joined as Vice President of Research and Development at Safemoon. 

The ex-employee would now seek separate legal advice to defend himself in the impending class action lawsuit. 

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