June 30, 2022

OkHotShot Warns Against Meta Mansions NFT

On-chain analyst OKHotShot warns the NFT community against the Meta Mansions NFT project. Through a Twitter post, he explained why any NFT collector should be wary of Meta Mansions NFT.

OkHotShot, an analyst that evaluates NFT and other on-chain projects, is suspicious about the Meta Mansions NFT. Credit: @MetaMansionsNFT on Twitter

What’s Wrong With Meta Mansions NFT?

Meta Mansions NFT describes its collection as 8,888 luxury residences built on Ethereum. According to their website, NFT holders can live in, customize, share, and monetize their mansion.

However, the NFT analyst and blockchain security expert is not impressed with the project. He said Meta Mansions lied about its partnership with The Agency RE, a global real estate brokerage and lifestyle company founded by Mauricio Mansky.

The picture shows a conversation between OkHotshot and the Agency about Meta Mansions NFT project
The Agency RE denied any connection with Meta Mansions. Credit: OKHotshot on Twitter

When OKHotShot asked The Agency RE about the legitimacy of the partnership, the agency denied it. It said, “Neither Mauricio nor The Agency has any affiliation with Meta Mansions or any NFT projects. We cannot comment on the legitimacy of the project. However, we do not have any ties with them.”

Additionally, OKHotShot said Meta Mansions hired a Safemoon developer which people say is a scam. Furthermore, he said they wash traded their own NFTs during their mint. Lastly, “one of their founders was part of an ICO team that allegedly defrauded 20,000 people,” OKHotShot added.

Dangers in NFT Space

The NFT space is full of opportunities, growth, and complex experiences. However, just like any industry, there are also risks and dangers that NFT collectors and enthusiasts should consider. For instance, there are multiple NFT scams and it’s best to evaluate an NFT project first before investing in it. At the same time, learn the best practices to keep your crypto and NFT safe.

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