Hashflow on Binance, worth the fuss?

The lunchpad started today at 00:00, the end date is November 30. A farming system is in use.

The newfound HFT token will start trading in HFT/BTC, HFT/BUSD and HFT/USDT pairs as early as November 7 at 16:00.

Nearly $30 million has been invested in Hashflow by funds such as: Alameda Research, Jump Crypto, Coinbase Ventures, Kraken Ventures and others.

Participate in the farming can be done by BUSD or BNB-stacking through special pools, which will open later.

Farming rewards:

  • The total number of tokens is $1 billion.
  • Number of tokens for lunchpad – 15 million.

BUSD pool – 3 million #HFT.

BNB pool – 12 million #HFT.

We take our BUSD or BNB and put them into pool – get our coins back, and HFT will drop too. The average yield of such lunchpads on Binance fluctuates in the range of 0.5-3%.

Mike Richards
Mike Richards

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